Webinar: Navigating Risk: Increasing Threats in the African Energy Market Under COVID-19

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Leaders in African energy risk management united in a webinar on 12 June 2020, under the theme, ‘Navigating Risk: Increasing Threats in the African Energy Market Under COVID-19,’ to put forth strategies for mitigating physical, cyber and security risks, with a view toward protecting employees and assets.

From regulatory uncertainty to political unrest to physical and cybersecurity attacks, the risk of investment in several African countries has been heightened by the onset of COVID-19, not least of which has been the threat to stable energy demand.

Panelists included Dr. Sara Vakhshouri, Founder & President of SVB Energy International; Shawn Robert Duthie, Managing Director of Inyani Intelligence; and C. Derek Campbell, CEO of Energy & Natural Resource Security, Inc.

James Chester, Acting CEO, Africa Oil & Power
Caty Hirst, Director of Programming, Africa Oil & Power

Watch the full webinar here:

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