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Wood has operated in the Angolan market since 2010. The company is showcasing new technology and focusing on local content, which is steering it in the right direction. Ricardo Cabenguele, Manager, Wood Angolan operations talks to African Energy Series- Angola about exciting new opportunities.

Please give us an overview of your services and supplies for the oil and gas industry in Angola?

Wood Kianda is a joint venture established in 2010 to support the energy sector in Angola. Our core business provides asset solutions across the life cycle, including operations and maintenance, topside project management, engineering for process facilities on- and offshore, modification, hookup and commissioning, procurement, construction, training and decommissioning.

How important is the Angolan oil and gas sector for Wood?

Angola is a top priority country in the African region where we see excellent growth potential. Most of our major customers are well established in Angola and we are well positioned to offer the best solutions to increase production and optimize cost. Wood has a long-term commitment to Angola, which includes developing local employees’ capabilities.

What are the main challenges for doing business in this sector in Angola?

A key challenge is creating the right economic freedom to move currency in and out of the country to pay for goods and services. This can affect the supply chain and contract approvals which can complicate contract feasibility. Greater transparency and clarity will help to improve the long-term strategies for operators and their suppliers.

What sets Wood apart from the competition?

Since Wood Group’s acquisition of Amec Foster Wheeler, our new combined company, Wood, has brought new technology and innovation that sets us apart. A focus on delivering safe, cost-effective services ensures our customers realize the true value of their asset and meet their performance goals. We have expanded our range of services and support a greater range of industries. This allows us to draw on a much deeper pool of experience and to bring in the best practices from other industries, sectors and geographies to improve our delivery.

Do you have an example of new services or technologies?

We can utilise our in-house technologies eWorkpack and eXpert which allow you to digitize the entire workflow and engage remote expertise to support local problems. Our digital solutions teams have developed virtual reality technologies that can help users become familiar with new assets or train for incident scenarios in a safe controlled environment. Our GoTechnology software suite builds a complete picture of an asset or modification under development to support real time monitoring and project management from fabrication and construction through to the challenging complexities of commissioning.

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