Sungrow to Implement Solar-Plus-Storage Project at Egypt’s Sukari Gold Mine

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Chinese inverter supplier, Solar Power Supply Co. (Sungrow), has been selected by German developer, Juwi Renewable Energies, to supply inverters and a storage system for the construction of a hybrid 36 MW off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) system and 7.5 MW battery storage system at the Centamin-operated Sukari gold mine in Egypt.

Due to its proximity to the Red Sea, and the region’s dry climate and high corrosion levels, Sungrow will supply a 1,500V 6.25 MW PV inverter solution and a highly integrated energy storage system with lithium iron phosphate batteries to the project, which will be capable of storing 7.5 MW of electricity. The company will also install smart forced air-cooling technology, which features a C5 high anti-corrosion capacity.

“The environment surrounding the solar-plus-storage project at Sukari gold mine in Egypt, especially the scorching heat as well as corrosion from the sea air, pose challenges for power equipment. Our smart forced air-cooling technology and anti-corrosion capability will enable the storage system and inverters to function stably without derating in such harsh conditions.” Sungrow assured during the announcement.

The project significantly contributes to the energy transition for mineral production in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region and will be the largest solar-plus-storage plant located on a main mining site. The hybrid energy system will be integrated into an existing off-grid network to support the power station’s operations and will feature a bifacial solar PV module and single axis tracking system.

Scheduled to be commissioned in the first half of 2022, the project is expected to reduce diesel consumption at the site by between 20 and 22 million liters per year, mitigating roughly 60,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

“We’re excited to support the decarbonization of the mining industry and drive down energy costs for our customers. We are delighted to partner with entities such as Sungrow to unlock long-term benefits for all our stakeholders,” stated Amiram Roth-Deblon, Director of Global Business Initiatives at Juwi AG, parent company to Juqi Renewable Energies, who added, “This global flagship project highlights significant benefits that African mines can unlock with solar battery hybrid solutions.”

Alvin Shi, Managing Director for the Sungrow MENA region, stated, “We would love to provide the best of environmental sustainability with cutting-edge PV and storage portfolio as a pivotal player in the industry. The solar-plus-storage micro-grid solution is also an ideal solution for regions with power outages for high power demand.”

The installation of the solar-plus-storage and micro-grid facility is expected to cut electricity costs while the operator shifts from its use of fuel, while improving the carbon footprint of the project’s daily operations. 

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