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In this time of depressed Oil Prices and raging scourge of COVID-19, most economic analysts and energy asset operators now agree that 2020 could see negative demand growth for oil globally as industries shut down and countries around the world go on lockdown. Negative economic impacts are also being forecasted for the electricity, renewable energy, and mining industries. This current state of play demands that you – the stakeholders who control and manage the world’s Critical Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resource Assets – maintain your vigilance against physical, cyber, and technical security threats as you deal with these colliding “Black Swan” events.

The Resiliency of your operations are essential to the economy, security and overall quality of life for all citizens worldwide. Indications and Warnings are illuminating the fact that Terrorists, Hostile State Actors, Criminals, Hackers for Hire, and Vandals are currently planning to take advantage of our current state of chaos. Energy & Natural Resource Security, Inc. (ENRS) is here to support you as you mitigate the hostile actions of those with illintent. Your efforts against the threats these bad actors pose will ensure that your assets maintain Continuity of Operations during these trying times.

ENRS recommends the following immediate actions to ensure that your assets achieve Resiliency and maintain Continuity of Operations:

  • Assess and Review your current cybersecurity posture against protocols such as NIST-800-171, ISO27001, and CIP Cybersecurity Frameworks.
  • Monitor your employees and be cognizant of the IT methods and platforms they use to access your corporate networks while working remotely.
  • Via your local national staff, engage the local populations/communities within a 5 to 10-mile radius of your operations to gain an understanding of the atmospherics around your asset.
  • Spot check your existing physical and technical security measures to make sure they are fully functional.
  • Request a security assessment during your operational down time in order to gain an understanding of your asset’s current vulnerabilities and levels of assumed risk.

The ENRS team is standing by to support you during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. Our mission is to ensure Energy and Natural Resource asset owners, operators, investors, and insurers achieve Resiliency and maintain Continuity of Ops by mitigating Risk throughout their asset’s operational life cycle via the implementation of “best-in-class” security solutions. ENRS will assure the safety and security of your Critical Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resource Assets, giving you the decision-space required to plan and execute your plan for financial recovery during this time of extreme duress.

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Shuaib Van Der Schyff

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