Sonangol Announces Plans to Produce Green Hydrogen in Angola

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Angolan state-owned oil and gas company, Sonangol, through its Center for Research and Development, has announced plans to conduct conceptual and engineering studies for the development of a green hydrogen production program as part of its energy transition strategy.

According to a recently released statement, the studies will serve to identify an appropriate site for the development of a plant to produce green hydrogen and its derivatives for domestic use as well as for export to international markets, positioning the country to participate in what is expected to become a regional, southern African green hydrogen production hub.

Forming part of Angola’s energy transition and diversification strategy, Sonangol signed a preliminary agreement in 2021 with German engineering companies, Conjuncta GmbH and Gauff GmbH & Co Engineering Kg, for the implementation of a factory to produce green hydrogen.

With aims to tap into the sustainable energy market, and with its abundance of renewable energy sources, Angola is well positioned to utilize its water resources to produce green hydrogen, which is produced through the process of water electrolysis, and requires the use of renewable energy sources.

“The initiative is part of the company’s energy transition strategy, in the search for renewable energy resources developed in participation with the German companies Conjuncta GmbH and Grauff GmbH & Co. Engineering KG, which signed an agreement to implement a factory to produce green hydrogen in Angola,” Sonangol said in a statement.

In addition to the implementation of a green hydrogen program, Sonangol has sought to reaffirm its commitment to the energy transition through the development of a 100 MW solar power plant in the town of Quilemba, located in the country’s Huíla Province, in collaboration with energy supermajor, TotalEnergies, as well as a planned 50 MW solar plant to be developed in partnership with Italian energy giant, Eni, in the country’s Namibe Province.

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