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Servicing oil and gas companies in Equatorial Guinea for over two decades, TechnipFMC is a global leader in subsea, onshore, offshore and surface technologies, providing complete project life cycle services for the energy industry. Shaun Watson, International Operations Manager, speaks to Africa Energy Series: Equatorial Guinea, about the company’s goal of unlocking new possibilities for developing oil and gas resources.

What have been TechnipFMC´s major projects in the past twelve months, and what projects are on the horizon for 2020?

TechnipFMC’s footprint in Equatorial Guinea starts with the first phase of the Zafiro field back in the late 1990’s when TechnipFMC provided critical equipment and services to realize first oil. Now, over twenty years later, TechnipFMC in Equatorial Guinea is well positioned to provide equipment and services to longstanding and new customers alike. This was obvious in 2018 as TechnipFMC expanded its equipment and service footprint with its existing clients by providing several subsea wellhead systems, Riserless light well intervention, simplified landing strings, alongside our classic offering of subsea trees, controls, and flexible pipe. These campaigns will last well into 2020. TechnipFMC continues to provide world-class services in Equatorial Guinea through engineering solutions, equipment maintenance, and topside equipment support. TechnipFMC in 2018 also provided service and equipment to new clients in Equatorial Guinea. This will represent a solid base for our future relationship with Equatorial Guinea well beyond 2020.

How does TechnipFMC Equatorial Guinea fit into and contribute value to the greater TechnipFMC portfolio?

TechnipFMC has a long track record of success in Equatorial Guinea. The merger of Technip and FMC Technologies makes us strong with the combination of systems of subsea production and treatment (SPS) and umbilical systems, risers and subsea flowlines (SURF) technologies and has allowed TechnipFMC to supply the majority of the subsea infrastructure for many subsea field in Equatorial Guinea. This installation base has well positioned TechnipFMC in Equatorial Guinea within the larger TechnipFMC global offering. In addition to the new work scopes TechnipFMC has been awarded, it has also allowed us to pursue a critical mission, which is to provide training to young people, with the development of national content as our utmost priority, and also to be part of the history and growth of this country. This is what makes the operation unique in the portfolio: the contribution to the industry, training and relationship with community and institutions.

TechnipFMC operates in 48 countries around the world. How do operations compare in Equatorial Guinea, in terms of ease of doing business?

Each of the countries in which we operate has its own unique challenges, and more importantly, opportunities. Equatorial Guinea is a very small country where it’s easy for the industry and governmental stakeholders to get to know each other, work closely together, share experiences, and contribute for the change in the future. This ability to gather stakeholders is unique and will allow companies and government alike to make projects leaner, simpler and more efficient.

How is TechnipFMC working to train, promote and develop the national workforce?

One of TechnipFMC’s top priorities is to grow, train, and develop its national workforce. It’s our desire in Equatorial Guinea to give people the opportunity to grow and succeed, providing them with training opportunities and encouraging them to develop their skills and know how. After all, they will be the future of the industry in Equatorial Guinea. Our national employees are now engaged in a broad spectrum of key roles supporting a range of areas including engineering, technical positions, logistics, human resources, finance, plus health and safety. As experience, knowledge and skill levels develop, opportunities for progression within the company will unfold.

2019 is being seen as a year of resurgence in the oil and gas industry in Africa. What impact will this have on TechnipFMC’s operations?

TechnipFMC strongly believes that it is well positioned within Africa and in Equatorial Guinea to remain the key services and equipment provider to current and future International Oil Companies (IOCs). New drilling campaigns and the acquisition of assets by IOCs will allow TechnipFMC to showcase its vast industry knowledge, strong technology, and world-class services. Additionally, these opportunities will allow TechnipFMC to once again illustrate its commitment to the development of national content. Through new projects and clients, TechnipFMC will continue training national employees who are valuable assets to future projects within Equatorial Guinea.

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