Video Interview: Engagement, Investment and Development: South Africa’s Energy Outlook Remains Optimistic

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Adrian Strydom, Executive Director and CEO of the South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA), spoke to Africa Oil & Power about South Africa’s proactive response to COVID-19 and future expectations for the energy sector. AOP partners with SAOGA in the fifth edition of AOP 2021 Conference & Exhibition (October 5-7, 2021).

Through increased engagement, a shift in priorities and progressive legislature, the South African energy sector is expected to experience substantial regional growth, according to Adrian Strydom, Executive Director and CEO of the South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA), who recently spoke to Africa Oil & Power about the opportunities that COVID-19 has initiated within the country and globally.  

Despite a slowdown in global economic activity, the pandemic has created an opportunity for increased engagement across the energy sector. According to Strydom, COVID-19 has enabled key stakeholders to virtually collaborate and connect with both regional and international energy players. Through the integration of virtual communication, African energy companies have been able to better facilitate effective networking, in which SAOGA has been influential in the development of cross-border partnerships and capacity growth. Subsequently, there has been an increase in global reach, and engagement has been made more viable for the entire value chain.  

Additionally, Strydom identifies one of the top priorities in the South African energy sector as the development of liquefied natural gas and renewables as effective energy solutions, capable of spurring greater industrialization in the country. SAOGA also identifies the creation of synergies between oil and gas skills and capacity as a key solution to mitigating energy challenges across the continent.

South Africa’s energy outlook is largely dependent on the implementation of supportive legislature that works in favor of the sector’s development. Strydom explains that the South African government is in the process of drafting legislature more specific to the oil and gas sector. This will establish increased regulatory certainty in South Africa, initiate further development and spur regional and international investment. SAOGA is strongly optimistic about the future of the South African energy sector, and encourages ongoing investment, networking and partnerships within the industry.

Watch the interview below:

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