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2018 was a busy year for Africa’s oil and gas sector. Here are some of the top interviews, news and articles from Africa Oil & Power’s year of covering the continent’s oil and power sectors.

Interview: Secretary General: OPEC seeks ‘long-term commitment’

In an interview with Africa Oil & Power, H.E. Mohammed Barkindo, Secretary General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting countries, talks about the long-term commitment planned between OPEC and the non-OPEC member countries behind the Declaration of Cooperation. This interview is the first article in a three-part series.
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Editorial: An African Perspective: No Good Will Come From NOPEC

Throughout the years I spent as an undergraduate and law school student in the U.S., one of the things I truly admired was American ingenuity. I loved following news stories about U.S. startups that scraped together enough money to go overseas, explored for oil – and despite overwhelming odds, achieved success.
These companies were creating opportunities both for Americans and the people in their host countries.
It was the American Dream playing out before my eyes. There is no doubt in my mind that those stories inspired my career trajectory in Africa where I have had a chance to advise many African governments on oil matters and improving relations with one another.
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Article: Funding Africa’s Oil and Gas Megaprojects

Africa is a home to giants — boasting some of the world’s top oil and gas discoveries and a wealth of investment opportunities in power generation from oil and gas.
“One of the big things that is coming through — and this is something that is being talked about AOP — is the development of mega projects, where you have multi-billion-dollar projects that represent a high percent of the country’s GDP, and in many cases are in new resource countries,” said Paul Eardley-Taylor, Oil & Gas Coverage, Southern Africa for Standard Bank.
But getting these major projects off the ground, both petroleum and infrastructure projects alike, requires substantial investment. Africa’s oil industry alone will require $1.6 trillion in cumulative infrastructure investment between 2013 and 2035, with a further $721 billion needed for gas infrastructure over the same period.
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News: Nigeria to hold bidding round

Nigeria on Wednesday announced that it will hold a bidding round for the licencing of subsurface hydrocarbon property for flared natural gas uptake in the Niger Delta Basin.
This type of bidding round, which has not taken place in eleven years, is open to Nigerian and non-Nigerian entities. Preferred bidders are, however, required to use a Nigerian partner or establish a Nigerian entity as a precondition of the bidding process.
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Video: Africa Oil & Power 2018 Recap

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Other Reads

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