ECP’s Longest Running Event, SSOP Returns for its Fifth Edition in 2022

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South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) returns for its fifth edition on September 13-14, 2022, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Juba, uniting regional energy leaders, international financiers and South Sudanese companies for two days of networking, panel discussions and deal-making. Representing the country’s official meeting place for the oil, gas and power sectors in South Sudan, as well as the only international conference taking place in the country this year, SSOP 2022 will be instrumental in introducing foreign investors to east African opportunities. ECP is excited to produce this event at South Sudan’s first international branded hotel, which opens on the 24th of May 2022.

What makes SSOP the premier event of choice for regional and international energy stakeholders comes down to three factors. Firstly, SSOP represents the official energy event of the Government of South Sudan, organized by Africa’s leading investment platform for the energy sector, Energy Capital & Power (ECP). This year’s edition will take place in an official partnership with South Sudan’s Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy and Dams and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. This is the only energy event in the region with this level of government support, emphasizing the significant role the event plays in unlocking investment and development opportunities across South Sudan.

Secondly, in its fifth edition, SSOP 2022 represents the longest running event organized by ECP. With the first edition hosted in 2017, the event has grown exponentially, with new deals signed, senior delegate participation, and critical energy topics expanded on year on year. Backed by ECP’s experience in large-scale energy events in Africa, SSOP has emerged as one of the company’s top events and one of Africa’s most competitive. What’s more, SSOP 2021 represented the first in-person event to take place in Africa post-COVID-19, ushering in a wave of industry-focused events across the entire continent.

Finally, the event recognizes South Sudan’s position as the gateway to east African energy, and has thus, centered all dialogue around the role the country plays in the regional sector. Strategically located and rich with multiple natural resources, with the right investment and stability, South Sudan has the potential to lead east Africa into a new era of energy and economic growth while serving as a connecting agent for the country’s east African regional neighbors. Focused on collaboration, partnerships and linking infrastructure, east Africa continues to expand the regional energy sector on the back of discussions and networking opportunities offered during the SSOP events.

In 2022, the event is poised to be increasingly market-focused and investment centered, with topics covering the interaction of oil companies with local communities; the contribution of oil and gas to the economy and society; future projects and expansion of the industry; and encouraging local participation and job creation. Focused on foreign investment and the rise of independents in South Sudan, while recognizing the country’s status as the gateway to east African energy, SSOP 2022 integrates the entire oil, gas and power value chain with the aim of kickstarting South Sudanese industry growth.

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