ASCO to Play a Major Role in Senegal’s Offshore Energy Sector

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Senegal Supply Base (SSB), which is owned by COSENI, a group of national enterprises, has hired ASCO to be the only supplier of quayside management for all offshore activities passing through the Port of Dakar for a three-year period.

The contract will provide support to Woodside’s Sangomar Field Development – Senegal’s first offshore oil development with a production capacity of 230 million barrels of crude oil.

ASCO will manage and operate the 25 000 m2 supply base from SSB’s unique concession on Pier 1 at the Port, enabling seamless supply chain operations while utilizing smart collaborative partnerships with local companies.

ASCO Country Project Delivery Manager, Yann-Anthony Tchiemigni, stated that “With our first engagement in Senegal taking place over five years ago, this has been a long and challenging journey. Our commitment to the country, and our faith in the potential that lies ahead for so many companies and individuals, have been rewarded by this contract win.

“In addition to the establishment of a long-term operational presence including materials, warehouse and waste management, our obsessions of safety and service excellence will continue to prevail as we implement international industry standards across the base, via our proven best practice procedures.”

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Jasser Hammami

Jasser Hammami

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