Aguru announces agreement with French industrial services company Ennovia

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26 March 2020

Cape Town: Today Aguru Business Solutions (AGURU), a company specialising in automation and digital transformation advisory and project management services, announced that they have entered into a reseller agreement with ENNOVIA from Toulon, France.

ENNOVIA was founded in November 2007 with the mission to provide industrial companies with methodologies and innovative tools that reduce production and maintenance costs.

Commenting on their mission, ENNOVIA CEO Jean-Yves Kbaier said “At the origin of our activity, we intervened mainly in the sectors of energy and the environment, being the production of electricity, waste & water treatment. We diversified towards nuclear and oil & gas with significant references and some large projects in the UK, Europe and Middle East.”

Their mission: develop new tools for operators including information technologies such as:

  • Big data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things

Through AGURU, ENNOVIA now brings smart maintenance management solutions to Southern Africa with their Quickbrain® platform developed by their sister company Crazylog. This advanced yet practical platform enables management and technicians to optimise maintenance and extract efficiencies at processing and manufacturing operations. Quickbrain® is recognised by its users for its ability to provide information on an ergonomic platform, facilitating efficient and rapid decision-making.

Johan Louw, founder and Managing Director of AGURU said “We looked for the right partner with a practical solution that will fit the Africa market. We needed a solution with a quick learning curve to maximise benefits for the operator, yet easily scalable to service large operations. ENNOVIA’s Quickbrain® Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), met this and other technical criteria. Their Document Management System (DMS), is fully integrated and of immense value to industrial companies wanting to deliver on their digital transformation objectives. We are very pleased with their capability and immediate support to service our clients.”

Commenting on the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenge for industrial operations to continue while key staff are working from home, Louw said “We share a passion to develop human-machine partnerships that leverage human capital value. With solutions such as Quickbrain®, our clients can be sure that their maintenance planning and execution remains on track and tasks can be digitally assigned and progress monitored with minimal human interaction.”

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