Advancing Energy Sector Knowledge: Energy Capital & Power and Rystad Energy Start Strategic Cooperation

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  • Energy Capital & Power (ECP) is proud to announce that it has entered into a strategic knowledge partnership with Norway-based Rystad Energy.
  • This enables ECP to utilize Rystad Energy’s valuable data, tools and analytics for the production of web content, investor reports, and event programs, adding greater depth to ECP’s capability in analyzing African energy developments.
  • Drawing on Rystad Energy’s impressive track record and credibility, and ECP’s experience in African markets, this cooperation will ensure Rystad Energy’s active participation in ECP events.

Energy Capital & Power (ECP) is proud to announce that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with Norway-based energy knowledge provider Rystad Energy. With a focus on increasing ECP’s capability in analyzing African energy developments and emerging markets, while advancing Rystad Energy’s footprint in the African energy space, this cooperation will draw on Rystad Energy’s knowledge and resources, and ECP’s experience and connections, to contribute to Africa’s energy development.

As an independent energy research and business intelligence company, Rystad Energy is committed to ensuring quality decisions are made by energy stakeholders. The knowledge company provides data, tools, analytics and consultancy services to global energy stakeholders, predominantly within oil and gas markets; supply chains; renewable energy and the energy transition, with the aim of ensuring sustainable energy development. With transparency as a core focus, achieved through accurate and actionable insights across the entire energy value chain, Rystad Energy facilitates progressive and productive energy decisions through the provision of a comprehensive analysis of historical, present and future activities in the energy sector.

ECP remains committed to bringing investment to all segments of the energy value chain in Africa and globally. With a lineup of transformative events, regular thought-provoking online content, and the creation of in-depth investment reports, ECP facilitates global and intra-African investment and collaboration. With ECP seeking support on data content and expert guidance to fulfill its mission to grow sustainable energy investments in Africa, the agreement will bring greater quality to both ECP’s content and programming while increasing Rystad Energy’s visibility in Africa. Under the terms of the cooperation, Rystad Energy will contribute data and analytics to ECP for the production of web content and investor reports.

“By integrating Rystad Energy’s expertise, data and analytics with ECP’s reach and experience in African markets, we have established a formidable partnership that will drive productive decisions and sustainable developments across the entire African energy value chain,” states Per Magnus Nysveen, Senior Partner and Head of Analysis, Rystad Energy.

Additionally, Rystad Energy will play an active role in ECP’s upcoming energy events by presenting, moderating, and participating in key panel discussions. The partnership builds on Rystad Energy’s impressive track record and credibility in the global energy industry to advance ECP’s agenda to promote sustainable energy developments, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global move towards the energy transition.

“Rystad Energy is a valuable partner for ECP as we strive for sustainable energy developments, productive decisions, and accelerated African energy sector growth. With Rystad Energy agreeing to be a knowledge partner to ECP, we will be even more equipped to drive investment in the African energy sector, backed by up-to-date and comprehensive data and insights. The strategic cooperation will not only ensure the provision of in-depth content, but will contribute to the success of ECP’s upcoming events,” says Kelly-Ann Mealia, Chairperson, ECP.

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